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December 28, 2019
December 28, 2019


Make your Education Dreams Possible

We’re here to make your education dreams possible. Choosing the right course in the right institution is an important decision. It’s not only the money but also time that you can’t get back if you choose a course or institution that doesn’t meet your long-term career objectives.

  • B.Com Regular (UG)
  • B.Com Regular (UG)
  • B.Com Professional (UG)
  • B.Com with Aviation (UG)
  • B.Com with Logistics & Supply Chain Management (UG)
  • BBA Regular (UG)
  • BBA Professional (UG)
  • BBA in Aviation (UG)
  • BBA with Logistics and Supply Chain Management (UG)
  • B.Sc Fashion and Apparel Designing (FAD) (UG)
  • B.Sc. Hospital Management (UG)
  • B.Com Tourism (UG)
  • BBA with Sports Management (UG)
  • BBA with aviation & Logistics Management (UG)
  • B.Com with Sports Management (UG)
  • B.Com with Aviation & Logistic Management (UG)
  • BBA with Airport Management & Cabin Crew Training (UG)
  • B.Com with Airport Management & Cabin Crew Training (UG)
  • B.H.M ( Bachelor in Hotel Management) (UG)
  • B.B.M (UG)
  • MBA (PG)
  • M.Com (PG)
  • MBA Marketing (PG)
  • MBA Finance (PG)
  • MBA HRM (PG)
  • MBA Systems (PG)
  • MBA Operations (PG)
  • M.Com Finance and Accounting (PG)
  • MBA with Microsoft Big Data, Business Analytics & Data Science (PG)
  • MBA with Aviation & Logistics Management (PG)
  • Master Of Hospital Administration (PG)
  • M.T.A. (Master of Tourism Administration) (PG)

To choose your best course

MGI helps you to choose the right path to enter the competitive world for all the aspiring candidates who wish to pursue higher education in India and Abroad.